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<span class="qaywsx">username</span>
<span class="qaywsx">username</span>
Displays the username of the user viewing the page.
If the user is not logged in, then the template will display &lt;insert name here>. You can control this by adding a parameter to the template with a value of the default text. For example, <nowiki>{{USERNAME|foo}}</nowiki> outputs "foo" if the user is not logged in.
'''Use this template sparingly. Misuse of it may result in a ban.'''
For example, the following is ''not'' acceptable: <nowiki>{{USERNAME}} is an idiot.</nowiki>
See also:
{| class="wikitable" cellpadding="3" width="66%"
|<nowiki>[[Special:Mytalk|{{USERNAME}}'s talkpage]]</nowiki>
|[[Special:Mytalk|{{USERNAME}}'s talkpage]]
|<nowiki>[[Special:Mycontributions|{{USERNAME}}'s Contribs]]</nowiki>
|[[Special:Mycontributions|{{USERNAME}}'s Contribs]]
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